The Good Day Song

Before you jump to conclusions this is not going to be me writing some happy clappy motivation song to make your day better, this is me….showing you….a song *applause* “wooaahh mannn that’s so amazing please teach me senpai chan”. Calm down calm down guys I will show you don’t you worry.

It all started one dark late dull evening when I had failed drowning my depresso with my espresso when outta nowhere I was enlightened, enlightened by what you must be asking; well a meme of course. Scrolling through Facebook I came across exactly what I needed to cheer me up forever, I needed nothing else in life but this singular meme.

And now I imagine you sitting there smile touching ear to ear like a Cheshire cat wondering, “holy shmokes guys what was that funky fresh jam at the end there”. That was my friends our lords and saviours the almighty Hall and Oates.

Now I don’t know about you guys but this song just…well it just motivates me I don’t know what it is and I don’t know why it is but this song just makes me get up and power on through my day. I guess what I am trying to tell you is, find your Hall and Oates find whatever gets your motors running.

Today’s Tip Top Tippity Teachings

  1. FIND YO HALL & OATES – If you can find your Hall and Oates and discover what makes you motivated do it and with my tried and tested guarantee I assure you it may WILL help.
  • APPRECIATE THE MEME – I spent so god damn long trying to get that meme on YouTube so I could post it here, jesus christ I should have just linked the Facebook page.

Number Three: FIND YOUR HAPPY PLACE – The only reason why that song motivates me so much is because it makes me happy and that is all it take to get you on the go, a lil’ thing called happiness.


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