The Apprenticeship Show…

Destination two on the motivation locomotive – The National Apprenticeship Show, now for you who are unfamiliar with what this is. It is in short a convention that travels around the main regions of England and collects employers big and small from that region that offer apprenticeships. They all come together in one venue and have a good ol’ jolly and try to lure kids (sorry no baby goats there) youths into considering a career via an apprenticeship, I know what you’re thinking ‘wonderful’, ‘fantastic’, ‘rejoice’ etc. Unfortunately it was not quite like that, yes apprenticeships are a very viable way to be successful in life and can lead you through an amazing career and a degree level of education without having to go to University; buuuttt na.

The downfall of apprenticeships today is the fact that they are marketed to the students who do not do that well in school and are sadly seen as a lesser form of education (of which they should not be), and this needs to desperately change. Very rarely do you find companies offering apprenticeships all the way up to degree level, they instead use them to be able to hire fresh out of education students a low paid job training them up to eventually reach the lowest position in the company after X amount of years. But anyway off the more serious stuff.

So there I am, I walk into the entrance and WABAM I am hit with a sudden feeling of disappointment… It was a lot smaller than what I was expecting especially compared to what the website and radio advertisement described it as, I was by far one of if not the oldest one there and there was a very little amount of variety in career paths there. HOWEVER despite this I was still god damned determined to get something out of it and to some extent I did, I spoke to as many people as I could and enquired about possibilities of apprenticeships. Unfortunatley they prefer to hire people of younger ages than me so that they don’t have to pay them as much, as well as get funding from the government they don’t want no old git like me who is more qualified and capable (BUT OH WELL…)

Yeah sorry for lying there I was meant to get off the more serious stuff. Uhm yeah so after spending a mere 30 minutes there my girlfriend and I decided to “lets pop right quick into the centre of town for a coffee or somit like that” *cough* have a 5 hour shopping spree and lunch instead *cough*, of which all in all was v.nice and I mean vvuuurrryyy nice (twas gucci) – went to a gourmet burger kitchen had a salad #yolo #youdontknowmystory. Also made some pretty good steps in our relationship we were proper adults and made a little visit to Ann Summers (for you whom are unaware of what it is and are over 18 give it a lil googles). Annyyyways we managed to turn a pretty disappointing day off into something that was pretty worthwhile and isn’t that was it’s all meant to be about anyways…happiness and that malarkey.

Today’s Tip Top Tippity Teachings

Number Juan: DO YO RESEARCH FOOLS – If I had done my research prior to going to this event I would have been able to know what to expect, I would have still gone because who knows what I may have achieved from it. But I would have been able to prepare myself better and possibly been able to achieve more than I did.

Numero Two: PERSEVERANCE IS KEY – Thank the Holy Lord Flying Spaghetti Monster that I did persevere because I was able to gain some stuff from what I was willing to just get up and turn my back from. Although I bad mouthed the experience quiiiteee a lot I did genuinely gain some personal understandings from it so all in all it wasn’t too bad.

Letter C: MAKE THE MOST OF A BAD DAY – Even though the day started out as a fairly disappointing experience my SO (significant other) and I still had a brilliant day by simply saying fuck it and went out and had fun, it’s as simple as a pouring water out of a boot if the instructions were on the heel; if shit isn’t going right say screw it and make it right.


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