So, this is where it begins.

*record scratch* *freeze frame* Yep this is me, you’re probably wondering how I got myself into this situation (19 years old, sat at work during the graveyard shift at 4:13pm on a Tuesday writing this blog wondering WHAT THE F*&@ am I doing with my life), well no need to worry because I am about to tell you.

So when did it all start…uhhh, well most likely throughtout my whole education when I was too laid back I was practically comatosed  and didn’t give a flying hoot about what will happen after school. Yeh that, that probably wasn’t a wise choice on my part! However during my upper school life (from when I was about 12 till present) I was in a form of employment (and 14 till present I was in a form of volunteering scheme) and I thought this was enough to make up for whatever the hell I got for my grades; I was wrong (so very wrong)! That was my main floor, prioritising work and volunteering over my education and that is why I have ended up with the perfect run of the mill mediocre GCSEs and A-Levels; fantastic right?

And then comes my biggest regret of them all, NOT HAVING A PLAN B! After my A-Levels I had originally planned to procure a career via an apprenticeship and ohhhhh boy did that go tits up (more so than the time I dislocated my kneecap falling down a rabbit whole, but that’s a story for a different post). I am going to refrain from naming any names, locations or more details about what happened during this event because I am right proper civil me *insert cheesy grin and thumbs up x2*. And so after this event I was left unemployed, lost and facing the biggest hurdle in my life so far, so from there I decided to do the only thing I could do and that was work. I went, found and got myself a job the day after with very little thought at all; hasty yes, reckless yes a mistake no. I do really enjoy my job and my employers are really kind, fair and are practically like a second family to me now; however I have finally been able to get into a reasonable state of mind and I now know it isn’t for me.

That is why as of NOW eight months after the event that shall not be mention occured the journey of what the F*@?  am I doing starts now. And hopefully you silly sausage on the other side of the screen watching this will join me on this journey whether it is because you’re in similar situation as myself, you have been in a similar situation and can help me ooorrr you are just a sinical old git who loves to watch people struggle in life; any of them will do I am not fussy.


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